Marine diazotrophic cyanobacteria: Out of the blue


Cyanobacteria are now recognized as the primary nitrogen-fixing (diazotrophic) microorganisms in the oceans as contributing significantly to the biogeochemistry of the global nitrogen cycle. The evolution of a remarkable range of morphologies and metabolic capacities has led to a behavioural versatility that helps them to proliferate and combat nutrient limitations in oceanic ecosystems. Advancement in community gene, genome and metagenome analyses of marine microbial communities will further advance functional interpretations and biotechnological uses. In this review we highlight the diversity, adaptation and function of cyanobacteria in the ocean.

Plant Biotechnology
Beatriz Díez Moreno
Beatriz Díez Moreno
Associate Professor.
P. Universidad Católica de Chile.
School of Biological Sciences,
Department of Molecular
Genetics and Microbiology,
Santiago, Chile.